The 3rd Hang Hau Intangible Cultural Heritage Day

11 May 2019 (Sat)
Bamboo Theatre Hang Hau Village

Working Languages:
Cantonese & Hakka

Phone: 2358-8939
E-mail: schina@ust.hk

Tai O's Traditional Dragon Boat Water Parade and Heritage Conservation Program 2018-2020

ICH Heritage Fieldtrips in Tai O for Secondary School Students
“Tai O Society and Dragon Boat Parade”

Field Trips-2019 Spring

FEB 24
Tai O Society and Intangible Cultural Heritage - Fishermen Lament Songs

MAR 19
Kau Sai Hung Shing Festival and Local Society

MAR 21
Spring Sacrifice and Lineage Organization in Ha Tsuen, Yuen Long

APR 13~14
Culture and Society in Nansha, Guangzhou

MAY 10~16
Hang Hau’s Intangible Cultural Heritage (Field Trip / Service-Learning)

JUN 5~7
Dragon Boat Water Parade in Tai O (Service-Learning)



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