Hang Hau Hakka Unicorn Dance – Training Workshop (Mar to Apr 2019)

The "Hakka Unicorn Dance in Hang Hau" was successfully inscribed onto China's national list of Intangible Cultural Heritage (ICH) in 2014. In 2017, the dance was recognized as one of the 20 items on Hong Kong's Representative List of ICH. As an educational institution in Sai Kung District, and also a member of Hang Hau, it would be an honor of HKUST to participate in the conservation project. South China Research Center and HKUST Staff Association are planning to organize the first Hakka unicorn dance workshop in the University to foster understanding and participation. The "Hang Hau Hakka Unicorn Dance - Training Workshop" will be held in the Fall and Spring semesters for 30 students and/or staff members. Each workshop consists of 6 2-hour sessions. A fieldtrip to Hang Hau villages will be arranged for workshop participants to understand the local societies and the cultural context of unicorn dance. The workshop participants will have opportunity to perform the dance in the next Hang Hau ICH Day, which will be held in mid-May 2019. Furthermore, a service-learning activity in Hang Hau's Tin Hau Festival will be arranged for HKUST members to allow an in-depth understanding of ICH and its importance in local societies.