Interface Projects: Teaching Hong Kong History, Culture and Society Program Lecture and Field Trip (1999)

Interface Projects: Teaching Hong Kong History, Culture and Society aims to nurture the sensibility of secondary school teachers towards local culture and society through organising lectures, seminars and field trips. The scheme also enriches teachers’ ideas on designing teaching schemes on local history. We encourage teachers to conduct field trips with students. By activities like communicating with local residents, studying inscription and visiting historical buildings, students can experience local culture and society, as well as build up their interest and initiation to study Hong Kong history. We believe that such active and interesting research methods assists students in developing their curiosity and creativity.

Interface Projects: Teaching Hong Kong History (1999)
Lecture 2
Traditional Social Organization (1999)

Lecture 3
Traditional Social Life (1999.03.27)
Tik-sang LIU (Division of Humanities, HKUST)
Chi-cheung CHOI (Division of Humanities, HKUST)

Lecture 4
Urban Development in the 19th Century (1999.04.24)
Elizabeth Sinn (Center of Asian Studies, HKU)

Lecture 5
Commercial Development before Second World War (1999.05.29)
Po-yin Chung (Hist. Dept., Baptist University)

Lecture 6
Three Years and Eight Months (1999.06.26)
Thomas, Yun-wo Lau (Hong Kong Museum of History)

Lecture 7
Hong Kong’s Economy and Society after Second World War (1999.11.06)
Stephen, Wing-kai Chiu (Dept. of Sociology, CUHK)

Lecture 8
Popular Culture and Identity Construction (1999.10.23)
Eric, K.W.Ma (School of Journalism and Communication, CUHK),
Chuen-hung Ng (Dept of Sociology, HKU)

Lecture 9
Theory and Practice: The Study of Hong Kong History (1999.11.27)
Lo Wai-luen (Dept. of Chinese Language and Literature, CUHK),
Yip Hon-ming (Dept. of History, CUHK),
Ching May-po (Hist. Dept., Zhongshan University),
Choi Chi-cheung (HUMA, HKUST)

Fieldtrip 1
Traditional Social Organization: Rural Society in the Northern New Territories

Fieldtrip 2
Archeological Workshop at Ho Chung, Sai Kung
(Organised by Antiquities and Monuments Office) (1999.04.10)

Fieldtrip 3
Traditional Social Life: Tai O Community (1999.05.15)
Tik-sang Liu (Division of Humanities, HKUST),
Siu-woo Cheung (Division of Humanities, HKUST)

Fieldtrip 4
Urban and Commercial Development: The Central and Western District Heritage Trial (1999.06.05)
May-bo Ching (History Department., Zhongshan University)

Fieldtrip 5
Coastal Community during the Pre- and Post- Second World War Period (1999.10.09)
Muk Chi Ma (South China Research Center, HKUST)

Fieldtrip 6
Jiao Festival (1999.11.27)
Chi-cheung Choi (Division of Humanities, HKUST)

South China Research Circle
Hong Kong Education Department, Curriculum Development Institute, Humanities Branch,
South China Research Center, Division of Humanities, HKUST