Journal of History and Anthropology

Vol.17 No.2


  • Tribute and Translation in the Song Dynasty: The Characteristics of Tributes in the Song and Their Significance in Regional History
  • From "Forgetting the Differences" to "Competing with Each Other": The Formation of Hakka Identity in Keelung City from the Early Qing to the Present
  • Creating and Disseminating Establishment Stories: A Case Study of the Chinese Community in Johor Bahru

Lectures and Speeches

  • An Anthropological Investigation of the Space of Collective Rituals: Late Medieval Venice and Florence

Book Reviews

  • Matthew H. SOMMER, "Polyandry and Wife: Selling in Qing Dynasty China: Survival Strategies and Judicial Interventions"
  • Judd C. KINZLEY, "Natural Resources and the New Frontier: Constructing Modern China's Borderlands"
  • Zhaojun LUO, "Between Human and Deity: The Feishangong Cult in Hunan-Guizhou-Guangxi Border Region"
  • Tingyu LIU, "A Journey of Phoenix: The History of She People in South China"
  • Yong LIU, "Not Set in Stone: A Study of the Editions of the Great Learning in the Ming Dynasty"
  • Xiaoxiang LUO, "The Model for All Palace: Urban Life and Urbanism in Late Ming Nanjing"
  • Jinglian XIE, "Enclaves: Cultural Ecology, Locality Building and State Administration (A Case Study of Dihu District on Qingshui River)"
  • Jingjing Qian, "Mirror of History: Space, Power and Memory in San Men Tang Village"
  • Haiyan FU, "The White Cloud Temple of Peking and Local Society in Modern China"
  • Yuqin WANG, "The Research on Japanese Colonial Medical and Health Control in Chinese Northeast"