Journal of History and Anthropology

Vol.15 No.1
Book Cover: Journal of History and Anthropology Vol.15 No.1


  • Freshness and Power: Seafood in the Tang-Song Transition
  • Upward Social Mobility in Ming China Revisited
  • The Meaning of the Jiao Rite in Anli in the Early 19th Century: Internal Relationships and Social Stratification
  • Three Versions of a Story: History, Myth and Reality in a Community along the Miao Pale

Book Reviews

  • Igor Iwo CHABROWSKI, Singing on the River: Sichuan Boatmen and Their Work Songs, 1880s-1930s
  • Barbara LOFTUS, Die Bürokratie Des Terrors: Eine Exhumierung
  • Biyan LI, Crisis and Reconstruction: The Tang Empire and Its Vassal States
  • Yanjia QIN, Ritual Tradition and Construction of Local Culture: A Study of Historical Anthropology of the Shigong in Shanglin Guangxi
  • Lei DING, From Private Collection to Public Exhibition: Museum and Exhibition in Guangzhou (1910s-1940s)
  • Yonghua LIU ed. , Studies on Local Historical Documents
  • Sehyun CHO, State Formation in Modern China from a Maritime Perspective