Journal of History and Anthropology

Vol.15 No.2

Special Issue

  • Introduction
  • Lands, Succession, and Clan: Local Society in North China under the Influence of the Eight Banners System
  • A Double-edged Sword: The History of the Shi Banner Family and the Shi Lineage during the Qing Period
  • The Coastal Evacuation of Zhangpu County in Early Qing: Borders, Shifting Zones, and Social Change as Seen from Forts and Fortified Villages
  • Evading the State within the State: The Great Shabi and Mongolization of Han Chinese Settlers and Their Descendants in Qing Outer Mongolia, 1768-1830
  • From God-of-the-Wall to Garrison Soldier: The Dingxiang Wang Cult in Xinjiang
  • Between Statutes and Dharma: The Regulation and the Punishment of Mongolian Monks in the Early Qing Period


  • Comments on the Special Issue
  • "State" and "Empire": Is there a Foundation for Dialogue between "South China Studies" and the "New Qing History"?
  • An Exchange of Ideas with the Authors of the Special Issue
  • Forging a Dialogue between "South China Studies" and the "New Qing History"
  • Identifying the Continuities in Inner Asia in the Qing History