Journal of History and Anthropology

Vol.17 No.1


  • Bu and Xu: Merchant Associations and Local Society in Southwestern Guangdong during the Qing Dynasty
  • Dragon Boat Racing and Local Self-governance Tradition in Modern Wenzhou
  • Miaozu, Christianity, and Modernity: A Critical Review on "Shimenkan Study"
  • Old Field and New Farmer: The Localization of Organic Farming in Hong Kong

Book Reviews

  • Fei HUANG, Reshaping the Frontier Landscape: Dongchuan in Eighteenth-century Southwest China
  • Yongjia LIANG, "Religious and Ethnic Revival in a Chinese Minority: The Bai People of Southwest China"
  • Ya ZHOU, "Longci in Southern Shanxi: The Structure and Change of an Irrigation Community on the Loess Plateau"
  • Kangning YE, "Favor for Elegance: Consumption of Calligraphy and Paintings in the Ming Dynasty"
  • Zheng-yun LIU, "History in the Archives: Politics and Society in the Qing Dynasty"
  • Pingyou YANG, "The Societies of Imperial Examination, Local Official Gentry and Regional Society: A Social History on Jiangxi Binxinhui from Qing Dynasty to Republic of China"
  • Ta-chia LI, "Merchants and the Chinese Communist Revolution, 1919-1927"
  • Xiaoyang ZHU, "Topography and Politics: the Perspective of Socio-cultural Anthropology"